class descriptions


Body burn

This 50-minute class will fly by as you hit your whole body with "old-school" strength-training moves - the ones that get you seeing and feeling your strength more and more each class. Each muscle group is set to a song (requests welcomed) as you bicep-curl, squat, or maybe mountain-climb (woo!) to feeling powerful, strong & probably a little sweaty. Many elements of barre & pilates implemented into routine, as well. Lighter weights (suggested 3-5 lbs, or 8 lbs if you're feeling it) with higher reps, can modify intensity level to best fit you. Safe to say this one's a "studio favorite".

Shoes suggested (indoor please!)



Traditionally known as a ballet-inspired workout, we put an athletic, fitness-based twist on our signature full-body, 55-minute class. A highly effective form of strength-training combining elements of Pilates, dance & yoga. Use our ballet barre to go at your own pace & find your deepest burn- classic dance moves such as plies, alongside static stretches. High reps, small range movements- all levels welcomed as you can self-customize the intensity of your class & feel your strength build each week.


(Grip socks required)

Cardio Drumming

Gina's favorite new hobby!! A full-body workout that will leave you smiling, sweating - a lot or a little - up to you - but for sure, feeling great. Arms, abs, legs all on fire in the best way. Cardio drumming brings together drumsticks and an exercise ball to create one of the most fun workouts you'll ever do.


50 minutes

Shoes suggested (indoor please!)



Description coming soon 

Cardio kick-box & Sculpt

Combining cardio, boxing and martial arts providing a total body workout aiming to improve strength, aerobic fitness and coordination. All levels of experience are welcomed as you are offered many modifications to complete the class feeling your best.  This 55-minute class set to our favorite dance songs will fly by as you sweat, strengthen and feel empowered and energized to take on your day.

Shoes suggested (indoor please!)



Description coming soon 


Abs & core BALANCE burn

Description coming soon